Twitter Growth Secrets Playbook 2022 - From the OG Twitter Guys

The Ultimate Twitter strategies you need to implement to take a brand-new twitter account from zero to 1000 followers in 90 days or less.


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I was struggling to grow my following for years. In fact, my Twitter account was stuck on 50 followers since 2010. I tried reading all the blogs & implementing strategies, but nothing worked and I was about to give up. That’s when I came across the Twitter growth secrets. And now I have gone from 50 to 300 followers in 2 months.

Michael Dam

Founder of Dunder Mifflin


This is for You, if You’re


Online Creator

If you want to grow your own following and build your tribe on the most popular social media network.


Digital Marketer

If you want to establish your personal brand and get projects from around the world on autopilot.



If you want to market your business and products organically and get paying customers every day.


Digital Coach

If you want to find the right crowd who would be interested in joining your high ticket cohorts.

Why You Will Love This


100+ Viral twitter threads that will

explode your reach

Analyzed from over posting 50,000+ tweets, steal the exact tweet template formula you need to use for your tweets to go viral and multiply your following in no time.

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Growth Hacks

Hacks to Grow Your following Without Posting Any Tweet

20% of twitter growth comes from your tweet.The rest 80% comes from engaging with others tweets.Learning the proven engagement strategy and cold DM hacks to get people to follow you even without tweeting.

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It’s As Good As Getting Me to Write Your Tweets

This eBook has all the strategies I’ve personally used to grow from 0 to 100k followers in 1 year.

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I have been doing Twitter marketing for 5 years now, And I’ve never seen someone reveal all their hacks like this. This ebook has helped me with the formula to grow any account from 0 to 10k followers in no time.


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Jon Boon Online Creator | Entrepreneur


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Twitter Growth Secrets Playbook 2022

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✔️ 100+ viral threads

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